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Touching The Inner Child

A week-end or five days workshop

Touching is one of the most effective tools to connect us with and heal blocked emotions and old traumas. Touching puts us in contact with the most vulnerable part inside us: the Inner Child.

Touching is nurturing and healing for the wounded child within us all. 


Touching is an expression of love which triggers joy and lust for life. Touching can reconnect our being with the whole of existence. 


Yet, often we are afraid of touching and being touched. This fear originated in early childhood when we were extremely sensitive, when both the body and the soul needed a loving and respectful physical touch in order to live and grow. The child inside us still needs a touch that has the quality of unconditional love, a touch that says: “I am here with you. I am here in your joy and in your sadness, everything is okay…” This is a touch that heals. 


As children many of us received an uncomfortable touch, maybe insensitive, or smothering, or seductive, or cold, or abusive -- hence the fear to touch and be touched. Some of us received almost no touch at all, while others experienced beating as the only form of physical contact with our parents. 


In this workshop, in a safe atmosphere, we will share these fears and longings together, and we will experiment with the alchemy of giving and receiving touch, the healing power of touching, the joy of opening up and letting go. 


We will use 'Inner Child' Work and Regression to access old emotions still stored in the body. With the resources we now have as adults, we will contact the wounded child inside us, and with touch we will bring healing and nurturing. 

 Opening group. Suitable for everybody, beginners included 

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