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Embracing Vulnerability

A three-day workshop 

This workshop is about meeting, healing and integrating the infant child who still lives inside us – the most sensitive and vulnerable part of our being. Through this work, we rediscover the essential qualities of a newborn baby, including trust, sensitivity, openness,

melting and merging, relaxation and pure being.


A baby is still one with the Whole, one with its mother and with existence. It is pure love, with no

sense of separation, trusting that existence is benevolent and taking care.


Because the child does not receive the proper touch, care and mirroring at this critical time, we, as adults, still carry unmet needs that remain inside like holes or wounds, concealing our essential qualities. We protect ourselves from feeling these wounds by becoming tough, pretending to be strong, or demanding or begging attention from others, especially from our love partners. 

Courage is needed to embrace our sensitivity and take responsibility for our own needs. By reconnecting and healing the vulnerable child, trust can re-emerge. Only in trust and openness can we have fulfilling intimate relationships as adults. 

This workshop is the last in a stream of five groups, all building on each other as a continuous growth process. Suitable for those who have completed steps one thru four. 

“ And if you look at the faces of children when they arrive, fresh from the very source of life, you will see a certain presence which cannot be named—unnameable, indefinable. The child is alive. You cannot define its aliveness, but it is there, you can feel it. It is fresh. You can smell the freshness around a child. This is the original face of the child. Once this was your face, too, and although you have forgotten it, it is still there within you, waiting someday to be rediscovered. ” 

                                                                                                                                     Osho (From Darkness to Light) 

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