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The Innocent Heart

Dynamics a weekend workshop or one-day event 


 The innocent heart is willing to love no matter what happens. The innocent heart loves, regardless of the consequences. The innocent heart is love. 

Our heart is naturally loving, accepting, soft and open. It is a source of endless joy. The heart is always here, ready to nourish us with its gifts; all we need to do is allow the armor around the heart to melt.


In this workshop, we use meditations and exercises, alone and in couples, to heal the layers of grief and fear around our heart and to reach the core of our heart -- the innocent heart. 


We bring healing and completion to unfinished business, those wounds we carry from relationships, past and present, so that love can again flow. We see that the love we continuously seek outside ourselves is really inside. 


We rediscover the joy and power of an alive, open, innocent heart. When we are in our heart, the relationship with ourselves and others is always based on love and acceptance. 

 Suitable for everyone, including those new to group 

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