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In 1977, Shakura left her university studies in Italy to live and work in the international commune that was rapidly growing around the enlightened Master Osho in Pune, India. During the next few years, she participated in several trainings dealing with body-mind issues. Her quest for self-transformation through meditation and therapy revealed her own intrinsic qualities to be a therapist Soon she began giving sessions in Osho Rebalancing and then leading body-oriented courses such as: A Taste of Rebalancing, Opening to Touch, Loving Yourself-Loving Your Body, Rebalancing Training. She developed her own unique method her Diamond Bodywork from rebalancing in order to move more deeply into the meditative and intuitive aspects of bodywork.


Many times, just by touching the body of the client, a lot of childhood memories and emotions were triggered, and through this her interest shifted towards helping people deal directly with childhood issues. Having been trained in Primal Therapy, Family Constellation and Trauma Work, she started giving sessions and workshops in Primal Therapy. She later created the Primal Transformation Process.


She travels around the world where she leads the Primal Transformation Process and Inner Child courses, Adolescence-Energy Transformation workshops, the Primal Facilitator Training etc.  (see menu for full list) and she also offers individual sessions in Primal, Childhood Deconditioning, Counseling and Couple Sessions. 

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