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Primal Transformation Process Part I & II

A 8-9 days intensive process


This workshop invites us to return to childhood and uncover the pain that was experienced at that time, as well as exposing illusions about family life that we accepted unquestioningly from our parents. 


Because the truth of what we felt as a child was denied and condemned, our natural emotions were not allowed expression and were buried in the unconscious part of our minds, where they continue to influence us. 


In this way, the denied child lives on, limiting our ability to respond authentically and inhibiting our relationships with others. 

Using techniques such as regression, gestalt therapy, painting therapy, bio-energetics and bodywork, this group allows us to build a bridge back to our childhood. In this way, old, locked up emotions are transformed and create space for love, spontaneity, authenticity and greater maturity. 


Part I (5-6 days) is about breaking illusion, facing uncomfortable and painful feelings, it is about owning the anger we have and allowing the transformation of it into power and strength, it is about separating and becoming individual. The camel becomes the lion. It is highly structured and happens in isolation.


Part II (3 days) is about finding the space of acceptance of the past so that it can loose the grip it has on us. We become aware and take responsibility for the pain we have caused to others, and we learn to dis-identify with the Parental Voice. Only when we connect with our heart we can really let go of the past and live joyfully and lovingly in the NOW. The lion becomes the innocent child. Even though it is divided in two parts, this is one workshop and people need to participate to the whole process.


Suitable for people with some previous group experience and who are ready to go deeper. Interview required


"If there is something, some trouble, some problem, then you go back to the original source from where it started. Because you can go on trying to solve the problem, but unless you go to the roots, it cannot be solved. Effects cannot be solved, they have to be forced back to the cause. It is just as if a tree is there and you don’t want the tree, but you go on cutting the brunches, the leaves, and again more branches sprout. You cut one leaf, three leaves come. You have to go to the roots".

                                                                                                                                                 Osho (Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega)

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