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Meeting The Inner Child

Reconnecting with our natural emotions and healing our emotional wounds


A three-day workshop 

In this workshop we introduce and experience the two energies called “adult” and “inner child.” We begin by creating a connection between these energies and this in itself is already healing because it creates a sense of wholeness. 


We meet the different aspects and emotions of the child: the angry child, the sad child, the scared child and the joyful child. 

We go back to our early years and feel the specific emotions that were suppressed or blocked, reliving them and allowing a transformation to happen. 


As adults, now, we learn to recognize these emotions, embracing and supporting the inner child. By healing our wounds we can rediscover our capacity to feel, we can face life without having to repress emotions or be overwhelmed by them. We can respond to the present moment with awareness, instead of reacting blindly from the past.


When this happens, we access the essential quality called joy, which is so natural for a young child, something we all have inside us that is not borrowed or learned – our natural birthright. 

This workshop is the first of a stream of five workshops, all building on each other as a continuous growth process. It is suitable for everyone. 

Thus, some moments I am angry, then some moments I am sad, then some moments I am jealous, then some moments I am joyful. Moment to moment, whatsoever happens is accepted. Then you become one…. Anger is energy, fear is energy, so is cowardice. All that happens to you has great momentum, a great quantity of energy hidden in it. Once you accept it, that energy becomes yours. You become stronger, you become wider, you start becoming more spacious. You have a bigger inner world then.” 

                                                                                                                                                                 Osho (Unio Mystica)

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