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Adolescence - Energy Transformation (Part III)

6 days intensive process

In this third part of the process we shift to adolescence and the issues related to this delicate         time. In this way, we will continue our exploration of the conditioning received by the society, religion, authorities and especially repressive sexual education.


We learn how to be loving, caring, and how to be happy and blissful with our body.
We start learning and experimenting with a conscious way of relating that comes from a space      of truthfulness and creativity.

We discover and explore the basic dynamics between man and woman, meeting the opposite sex in a fresh, spontaneous and conscious way.

Suitable for people with some previous group experience and who are ready to go deeper. Primal I & II. Interview required


"Primal is a process of cleansing -- it will bring everything to the surface and release it. But that's only half....You will have to learn to love your body too -- that is another part, the positive part of it. The negative part is that the poison -- whatsoever you have accumulated, tensions, anything -- has to be dropped. And then the next thing, which will be preventive for the future, is to start loving your body, to feel for it. It is your body -- you are enshrined in it, it is doing great service to you. One has to feel very very grateful to the body. One has almost to take care of it as one takes care of a beloved. So in this group you will learn the positive part: how to be loving, caring, and how to be happy and blissful with your body. Very few people are happy and blissful with their bodies, because all the so called religions have taught that the body is the enemy -- so it has gone deep into the guts, it has entered the bloodstream. You may be aware, you may not be aware, but deep in the unconscious thousands of years of conditioning have made it almost certain that everybody is against the body. At the most, you tolerate it. To even think in terms of loving your body feels embarrassing, feels awkward, strange, weird. But if you start loving your body it can yield so much pleasure and so much happiness, and can lead to new pastures of being. New spaces can open. The body is the greatest gift of god.".




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