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Fresh Beginnings

The structure can be segmented into three parts: ten days for part one; eight days for part two; three days for part three. Each part can be held separately so that the full course is phased through a year. The first part requires a special diet and isolation, part two is more flexible and open, part three requires a meditative environment.

Here is a description of the basic process: This is a powerful therapeutic process that allows you to express, understand and heal old wounds and life-negative programs originating from childhood and teenage years.


The energy, love and awareness that become available through this exploration will give you a chance for a fresh beginning in you life. 

This course is suitable for people who have already done some primal or inner child work, and who are interested in going deeper.



Primal is an intensive process that aims to bring clarity to the conditioning you received as a child and heal past wounds that still affect your adult life. You may have noticed how, in spite of your best intentions, you sometimes react to present situations in childish ways. You unconsciously regress into the past, no longer responding to the present situation as an adult. The wounded child has taken over, using the strategies learned at that time, even though they are no longer useful now, and reacting with strong emotions. 

In this group process you will: 

  • Bring clarity to the dysfunctional family system, looking at what roles you had to adopt as a child in order to keep the family together.

  • Look at the beliefs and “shoulds” you received in childhood.

  • Explore and experience how your boundaries were invaded in the period of time when your individuality started developing.

  • Touch the primal wounds of your needs that were not met and the strategies you created to protect yourself from this pain.

  • Relive and complete the emotions that you had to cut off as a child, either because they were not allowed, or simply because they were too overwhelming. These incomplete emotions have become wounds that we carry, and which can be triggered at any moment.

  • Reconnect with your wonder child, your essence, which is still inside you, just covered up with layers of conditioning and pain.



In this second part of the process you shift to adolescence and the issues related to this delicate time. In this way, you will continue your exploration of the conditioning received by the society, religion, authorities and especially repressive sexual education. You start learning and experimenting with a conscious way of relating that comes from a space of truthfulness and creativity. You discover and explore the basic dynamics between man and woman, meeting the opposite sex in a fresh, spontaneous and conscious way. 



Using the well-known Buddhist meditation of Vipassana, or the more inter-active technique of “Who Is In?” you will find yourself sinking deeply into an inner space of self-acceptance and self-knowing, integrating the powerful experiences and insights you have absorbed during this process. 

Suitable for people who have already worked on primal issues and who are committed to the structure of this course.

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