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Facing The Inner Critic

A three-day workshop 


In order to love someone else we first need to love ourselves. Sometimes, this seems very difficult, because we carry an “Inner Critic” inside who keeps on condemning us. No matter what we do,

it is never good enough. Under this constant attack it is difficult to be fully alive, to take risks, to love. How can we accept ourselves, when we are so hard on ourselves each time we discover that we have made a “mistake”? 


The Inner Critic carries all the voices that we heard in childhood from parents, teachers, priests, etc. The two favorite words of this Critic are “should” and “should not.” It lives in the darkness of our unconscious mind, and from there it keeps on dominating our life. 

By looking at it, by bringing the light of understanding, by seeing where it comes from, we can dis-identify with it and learn to protect ourselves from its attack. 

The result is that we can finally start loving ourselves just as we are. And, when we love and accept ourselves the way we are, transformation and intimate relating are possible. 

This workshop is the third in a stream of five groups, all building on each other as a continuous growth process. Suitable for those who have completed steps one and two. 

“ It is a tremendously beautiful experiment for meditators just to watch inside -- whose voice is this? Sometimes it is your father, sometimes it is your mother, sometimes it is your grandfather, sometimes it is your teacher, and those voices are all different. Just one thing you will not be able to find easily -- your own voice; it has been always suppressed. You have been told to listen to your elders, to listen to the priest, to listen to the teachers. You have never been told to listen to your own heart. You are carrying a still, small voice of your own, unheard, and in the crowd of voices that have been imposed upon you, it is almost impossible to find it. First, you have to get rid of all those noises, attain a certain quality of silence, peace, serenity. Only then will it come, as a surprise, that you also have your own voice. It was always there as an undercurrent. ” 

                                                                                                                                                Osho (The Rebel)

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