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Opening To Touch: Diamond Bodywork

Reaching the essence through touch 


A weekend or five-day workshop

This workshop is an invitation to experience conscious touch, effortless relaxation and to celebrate the body. Unlike our normal mental activity, which fluctuates from past memories to future plans, the body lives here and now, in the present moment. 


Being aware of the body means stepping out of past and future, and being present with reality. In this workshop, we experience different meditations and exercises that allow us to inhabit the body more deeply. 


We learn to touch and massage with a loving and meditative attitude. We also practice exercises to enhance energy flow throughout the body. During this process, old energy blocks emerge and dissolve, and the body becomes more vibrant, alive and joyful. As we become more aware of the body, we also become more sensitive to its needs and this results in a greater sense of well-being and improved health. Our body is a temple. Entering this temple with a loving attitude, our inner diamond will be revealed. 

 Suitable for everyone.

“ When you were coming from God’s house he slipped a diamond into you. That diamond has some magic in it. You came with it. You have not looked inside yourself. If you analyze, you will miss the diamond. Only look, just look. Become watchful, become very alert, bring more awareness but no analysis. Just see. And by and by, small moments will come, valuable moments, precious moments, diamond-like.” 

                                                                                                Osho (The Dhammapada, The Way of the Buddha)

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