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Primal Facilitator Training

4  eight days Modules

This training is the outcome of Shakura’s many years of meditation and experience in working with people.  

It is designed for people who want to understand more deeply the developmental stages of childhood, Primal and Inner Child work and the art and science of facilitating someone’s process. Particularly people who already work with people as Facilitators, Therapists, Counselors, Bodyworkers, Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers, Teachers etc. will be benefited by it. The training includes teachings, self exploration, meditation and practicing of sessions under supervision.  Participants will learn a complete series of Primal Sessions.


In the first 3 modules Shakura will impart the art of supporting people in their primal work from a space of presence, she will teach about different childhood stages, essential qualities and possible wounds related to each period.  Participants will learn different sessions and exercises to be given as an Individual Process. The 4th module will be practice under supervision.


Prerequisite: Primal group  and interview


Therapy is basically meditation and love, because without love and meditation there is no healing possible.

When the therapist and the patient are not two, when the therapist is not only a therapist and when the patient is not a patient anymore, but a deep relationship arises where the therapist is not trying to treat the person, when the patient is not looking at the therapist as separate from himself - in those rare moments, therapy happens.


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