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Diamond Bodywork

Diamond Bodywork is a skillful, loving, meditative way of massaging the body. The approach is both deep and pleasant, bringing awareness to the body. 


Each session is unique and tailor-made according to the needs of the client; a session will move naturally in the direction of optimum healing, such as deep relaxation, or releasing old energy blocks and memories, or experiencing inner peace and self-acceptance. 


The outcome of a Diamond Bodywork session is better energy flow and a lighter and more vibrant body. It is recommended to take a series of sessions. In each session, the practitioner works thoroughly on one part of the body and then connects it with the whole organism. 

Reaching the essence through touch 

Diamond Bodywork is an invitation to become aware of the body. When we fully inhabit the body we connect with the energy that flows through the body and beyond it. We also get in touch with our essential core. 


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