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I Am Me

A three-day workshop 

The experience of “I am me” begins in every child with the gradual separation from the mother’s influence. In the womb and in the few first months of life, there is no sense of separation, but by the age

of two each child is experiencing the difference. 


In some cases, our mothers did not allow this separation to happen naturally and tried to hold onto their deep connection with the child;in other situations, the child was forced to separate and grow up too quickly. 


During this critical time, essential qualities such as Will, Strength and Personal Power are ready to emerge. If the right support is not provided, wounds are created that we carry into adult life in the form of dysfunctional behavior -- difficulty in setting healthy boundaries, an inability to say no, an incapacity to deal with our own and other people’s anger. 

In this workshop, we go back to this early time, using different techniques to heal the wounds, so that our essential qualities can emerge and we can attain a healthy sense of individuality. 

We will also practice how to stand up for ourselves in intimate relationships and in challenging situations, including: 

  • Setting limits

  • Dealing with anger (our own and others)

  • Asserting ourselves instead of attacking or collapsing

  • Saying an appropriate “No”


This workshop is the fourth in a stream of five groups, all building on each other as a continuous growth process. Suitable for those who have completed the first three steps. 

“ If, when you were a small child and you were angry and someone said, ‘Stop! Don’t be angry!’ and you stopped, that anger is still carried by the hand. It has to be so, because energy is indestructible, and unless you relax that hand, it will persist; unless you do something consciously to complete the circle of that energy which became anger in a certain moment, fifty years back or sixty years back, you will carry it within you, and it will color all your actions. ” 

                                                                        Osho (And The Flowers Showered) 

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