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Dear Shakura! Once again I want to thank you so much for your great sensitivity, your profound understanding, for that amazing trip to the bottom of myself. As the days pass, I feel more and more recognition of my own feelings, and I also feel I can be more authentic, with less need to be always "nice." This is a good sensation and I am sure things will keep on moving. So you see, age is really not important, and it is never too late for that wonderful meeting with our internal child -- to learn to love and to accept her. My son in law, Israel, participated in Primal Feelings with you in Tuval, and it was wonderful to share with him so much feelings and insights. He told me how happy he feels now, to know he still has time to change so much of his behavior and attitudes towards his own children. I hope to meet you again…. It has been a great pleasure for me to know you and your work. All the best for you.

Susana Lowy, age 73, Social-Worker , Israel


Hi Shakura, Your groups are all so intense and beyond the mind. It’s like stepping into something totally out of the ordinary. Going into something unknown…..which for me is always scary. I have experienced your Primal group, Inner Child workshop and Diamond Body Work Training -- and one individual counseling session. All of these were intense and, as I’ve said, rather scary. But I remember at the end of all of these groups I felt like a weight had been lifted from me. I can see the thread of your quality running through all these groups, which is awareness, guidance, warmth, clarity… and something so much more, but I don’t know how to put it into words. You have an uncanny way of disarming a person’s protective, defensive, hiding patterns and help him see clearly what issues are inside.

Raja, age 39, English Teacher , Taiwan


Beloved Shakura, A few times during the last three or four years I had the opportunities and privilege to experience your work either as a participant or as an assistant. I came to appreciate your total dedication, your vast knowledge and skills; over and over again I have witnessed during these Primal groups the correctness of your timing, the relevance of your guidance and your priceless clarification. During these groups, coming from your heart purely out of love, I have often heard you stating the “Intolerable Truth” -- that one can undoubtedly recognize and therefore accept. Your work is invaluable. I can strongly recommend it.

Claude Lapeyre, age 53, Bodyworker, Photographer , France


Beloved Shakura, While doing my photography I had an encounter with a very angry butcher in the market and this time, maybe the first time in my life, I could actually stay present. Thanks to the amazing exercises from the post-primal workshop, Living In Freedom, I could maintain presence even "under attack". Thank you for this amazing gift!

Omer, age 38, High Tech-computers , Israel


Hi Shakura, I participated in the Primal Feeling group five years ago and then did Fresh Beginnings. For me, these groups were very deep and touching. The group structure enabled a very intimate and safe space for daring to go as deep as possible into the wounds and experiences of my childhood years. Among many things I got out of this work I want to mention two especially. One is the ability to respond to situations in my life from a more aware and adult place than I used to. In the past, I would react many times to situations just like a child - hurt, judgmental towards myself and others, afraid and threatened. Being able to contain and love my inner child, gives me, in the present, an ability to respond without all these feeling from the past. Second, is accepting and loving my parents the way they are, and accepting all that I got from them, good and bad. This took a while, and I went through a lot of strong negative feelings towards them, but accepting them completed a missing part in me, too. For me, the group started a journey that made a very big change in my life.

Alon, age 36, Software Engineer , Israel


Dearest Shakura, You create a very safe, supportive and loving space to enable us to look at the deep childhood pain that has prevented us from becoming the free, alive human beings that we all have the potential to be, and is our birthright. With your huge experience, tremendous insight, deep love and passion for this work, you allow participants to feel the traumas of childhood; to feel our unmet needs for love and nurturing; to experience the anger, hurt, jealousy that we were never allowed to feel (it was not safe enough); to allow our repressed emotions to surface, to be felt and to be released; to explore how our childhood wounds are affecting our lives as adults. You challenge our current behaviors, ideas, views and help us to become conscious of how the patterns we learned in childhood in order to survive, are destructive to us as adults and blocking us from experiencing the beauty of our own being. Your groups enabled me to gain an insight into how I have looked outside myself to emotionally unavailable women, deeply wounded themselves (women like my mother) in a futile, extremely painful and unconscious desire to get the love, support and validation that I needed but never received as a child. This almost compulsive drive was constantly leading me into downward spirals of frustration, rage and intense longing - and frequently suicidal despair. Your group empowered me to shine light on this self-destructive pattern which had led me to constantly behave in a way which only reinforced my neediness and my extremely negative self-image. With this insight into myself I was able to move away from destructive relationships. I am now experiencing, for the first time, a mutually loving, respectful relationship with a woman.

David Emerson, age 48, Musician , United Kingdom


Hi Shakura I just want to thank you with all my heart. For me, you are my real mother, my "spiritual mother"... you are the first person in whose eyes I looked and saw only compassion, acceptance, and unconditioned love. I cried, because it was the first time in my life that somebody looked at me in this way. Your eyes are a mirror, in which a person can look and see himself through -- his true self, and not his projection. For me, you are light, you are love, you are life, you are mother, you are this moment, you are presence, you are divine-ness.... big words but expressed so simply through you. Well, you can say it’s Osho, but then you can laugh and say "Oh, well, if you say so..." I have tears in my eyes when I feel how deep you have touched me inside. I feel now I have tools to keep doing the surgery in me and to heal myself. My little child is with me all the time now, I think we will also have a lot of fun together... and I also decided to make "pain" my good friend, because once you understand that that's what he really is, and don’t turn him into an enemy any more, then that's what he really is. Thank you for opening my eyes and my heart forever. With endless love,

Laura , Israel


Hi Shakura! I’m really happy to hear from you. It feels like ages since I was in Pune doing Primal, and I have done a lot more workshops in the last couple of months. But no matter what I have done, nothing can be compared with the Fresh Beginnings that we did together! The safety, warmth, depth and respect is just incomparable with anything else I know. I always recommend everyone I love to do the group -- I have so much love for it still. And many of the things you made me aware of have now sunken in.
I still get the insight “Aah!” this is what Shakura was pointing towards. The group and its effect still has an impact on me.
Lots of love and hugs,

Sidika, age 20, Student , Norway


Dearest Shakura, The Primal process with you took me through the most profound and valuable feelings I have so far experienced. Feeling my pain for what it is, and having you to be so precise in your analysis, was a transforming experience. Even though you didn't let go when it hurt, I still felt your compassion and I knew that this is right and relevant for my healing. It has also been one of the very few processes that has given me such deep understanding and connection to myself. Even after the workshop, I still feel the work continuing from these intensive days with you until today. I consider myself fortunate to have met you and to have had you by my side when I faced the abandonment of my childhood and the resulting fears I'm still carrying with me today. Love,

Ariel, age 40, Management Consultant , Israel


Beloved Shakura,
Of all the work that I have done in my 45 years, Primal has been a true life-saver for me. I wouldn't want to use too many clichés, but meeting my inner child and realizing my inner conflicts through experience have opened my heart, made me replace cynicism and self judgments with empathy and self love, and basically freed me to be the person I have always been afraid to be. You are the most wise, sensitive, observant and professional therapist that I have ever met, and the most wonderful human being of all. I owe you my life.

Zeev, age 45, Executive Director , Israel

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