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A series of 12/14 sessions 


This individual Primal sessions series is a unique combination of Primal Therapy, Neo-Reichian bodywork and ‘Healing the Inner Child’ techniques. 

In each session, we focus on a different period of development in your childhood, beginning at the age of six and moving backwards to the time of conception. 


In each stage we: 

  • Bring to the light the circumstances and family dynamics which might have created wounds in you.

  • Use specific techniques to release and heal these wounds on a physical and emotional level.

  • Develop an understanding of how you keep recreating painful situations in your own life and with others by recognizing patterns rooted in the past.

  • Support essential qualities that arise when the wounds are healed and you can embrace the wondrous child-like energy that is still alive inside you.


This is an intense individual process, conducted over a period of 14 days or more


An interview is required before commencing the series. 

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