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Diamond Bodywork Training

The 16 days Basic DBW Training is designed for people who want to become professional body-workers. Or want to learn the art of touch, and anyone who wants to get a better understanding of the body’s energy flow, and the connection body-mind.

The body stores all our memories, even those which are no longer available to our conscious mind. Since we were children we adopted automatic strategies in order not to feel pain, we have learned to stop the breathing and to tense up parts of the body. The outcome is a loss of fluidity, stiffness and tension in the body, and this in time creates chronic pain and impossibility to really feel, to be alive and joyful.


In the DBW Training you will learn how a loving, meditative and skillful touch is a very effectful tool to:

  • release tension

  • allow stored memories and feelings to re-emerge

  • reconnect with essence

After a series of sessions the client’s body will feel relaxed, alive, vibrant, When the body is in a state of well-being, we can face life and its challenges in a different way, we are in touch with essential qualities, we experience joy and openness.


During the basic course participants will learn:

  • to give a series of structured 6 sessions

  • to give open, non structured sessions

  • to touch in a meditative way (this allows the session to have a deeper effect and the practitioner will feel nourished and more in tune with her/himself at the end of the session)

  • to support the client when held emotions surface

  • different massage techniques, such as: deep tissue massage, joint release, soft touch, energy work.

  • relationship client - practitioner


In DBW technique is taught, however it is not considered the main element in a session. The focus is more on the art of touch and meditation.


We believe that the practitioner should come from a space of non-doing and we prefer to support the body rather than change it. 


The 8 days Advanced DBW Training is designed for people who have participated in the Basic part and want to learn more skills, refine the technique and become more at ease  dealing with challenging situations and clients.

We will


  • learn 2 more structured session

  • learn more about the client-practitioner relationship

  • give some basic information about body-types

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